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IPL Treatment for Dry Eye

Many people already know the amazing benefits of the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Treatment) to create beautiful skin. But this technological breakthrough is also used to treat patients with dry eye syndrome. IPL is not a laser, but is light therapy over a broad range of wavelengths.  IPL is used to unplug the oil glands that line the upper and lower lid margins. The light serves as a healing warm compress to liquefy any secretions that may be blocking the oil-secreting gland of the eye (called the Meibomian glands). Once the glands are unplugged, the oily layer of the tear film is restored, thus tears remain in the eye and bring soothing relief. The IPL can also reduce inflammation caused by dry eyes.

The area around the eye is prepped by protecting the eye with shields that cover the eye itself during the treatment.  A thin layer of cooling gel is applied to the treatment area.  The IPL delivers the light to the treatment area on the upper face and across the nose region.  A pulse of light is administered, and there is a tingling sensation that most patients tolerate quite well.  The area treated may be slightly flushed and red for a short time after the treatment. We are seeing positive results from many of our patients who suffer from this irritating and sometimes painful condition.

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